Thursday, March 23, 2006

a random 'wlonk' revival...

"give us turkey or we'll pee on your dissertation..."*

In continued avoidance of the LGW: there are a couple of medieval words/phrases I'd like to revive and use in a sentence at least every day or two. But the absolute best one is "wlonkest" - I think it is closest in meaning to modern day "righteous" or "way cool" (although it's glossed as the slightly less exciting "most noble") - at least that's how I'd like to revive it (presto-change-o-slight-semantic-shift and voila! Wlonk, dude).

So, new on my lifetime to-do list (other than spelling 'flagellate' in a Scrabble game) is to one day have someone say of me: "Damn, that is the wlonkest chick I've ever seen/heard give a lecture on Chaucer." Bliss.

I came across "wlonkest" first in the little known "Pistel of Swete Susan" (recently taught by me to students who became skeptical after finding out that it wasn't about guns). The line described Susan as "wlonkest in weede" (it would also be fun to revive 'weede': "hey, cool thanks, I don't inhale....I meant your jeans").

Another one is 'swyve' - I seem to remember it actually being used in a line from the movie 'Closer' and it stuck with me. My friend JK is trying to revive the non-medieval phrase "p.o.'ed" but so far I think she's been unsuccessful...

Does anyone else have any?

*(above picture of furballs taken a couple of years ago and recently found again)



At 3:24 PM, Anonymous morganlf said...

love the picture of the cats. *waves* just found your blog!

At 3:33 PM, Blogger medieval woman said...

thanks! They're great - and they never did pee on my dissertation, although the slightly more portly one on the right did knock a Tab over on my laptop once. Thank god it was insured for all kinds of damage so I got a new one and they could save the hard drive...


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