Saturday, April 01, 2006

Rotten stinkin' bike thieves!

The Dutchman's beautiful new-ish bike was stolen today! Now, it must be said that he neglected to lock it last night. But, talk about turning your back for one second - we live in small boring town America, too! It was in the back of our garage at the very back of our driveway/property, so the guy had to go up our long driveway, past houses filled with people (we live in a two family and have neighbors on all sides) and into our garage to see if one of the bikes was unlocked. You can barely see into the garage from the street, so it was a fishing expedition.

To add insult to injury, the vile thief left his shitty bike behind!!! We now have to put the piece of crap out with our garbage on Tuesday! All of this happened between noon and 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. We had taken both our cars into the Subaru dealership to get them assessed for trade in value - we were so excited when we drove home because we ended up buying a new Outback - our first major married purchase (won't pick it up until Wednesday) - we got home and saw the "spoor of the bike burglar" and called the cops. Fortunately, the Dutchman had the serial number, etc. for the bike, so there is a miniscule chance we could get it back, sucks, too, because he feels like a dork for leaving it unlocked.

On top of everything - my dad had gotten him a brand new zip-zop bike pump for his birthday the other day!!!

Now we feel violated and we're going out for margaritas...


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