Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging: Women and the Crusades

I so rarely do Friday poetry blogging (usually b/c I forget what really is a cool trend) but I ran across these troubadour lyrics (at this site) while I was prepping for a class a week or so ago. One is by a famous male troubadour and another is anonymous - both are written in a female voice and they record the affect that the Crusades have on the women who are left behind.

“Her eyes welled up beside the fountain, and she sighed from the depths of her heart.
‘Jesus,’ she said, ‘King of the world, because of You my grief increases,
I am undone by your humiliation, for the best men of this whole world are going off to serve you’...Nothing matters now, for he has gone so far away.’”

(Troubadour Marcabru)

“Jerusalem, you do me a great wrong by taking from me that which I loved best.
Know this to be true: I’ll never love you, for this is the reason for my unhappiness...
Fair, sweet lover, how will you endure your great ache for me out on the salty sea,
When nothing that exists could ever tell the deep grief that has come into my heart?
When I think of your gentle, sparkling face that I used to kiss and caress,
It is a great miracle that I am not deranged....”

(Anonymous singer of women’s songs)


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