Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer/Fall Reading List

I'm taking a page out of Laustic's book and posting a portion of the previously promised reading list for this summer and into fall. It's probably way too ambitious given the fact that I haven't really started it yet, but, at least it's all written down in one place, so that's good. There are also a ton of more specific articles, book chapters I have to read on a couple of the specific texts I'm working on (one is psychotically canonical, the other is rarely read and written about). But for now, these are the big things that I'm reading (b/c sadly I've never read or have only read portion of them) or re-reading. Can anyone tell why my "call sign" is "Medieval Woman" and not "Maverick" or "Iceman"? I work primarily on women's readership and patronage...there, I said it! If anyone wants to know more - please e-mail me!

Here 'tis:

1) “Reading as a Woman” – Jonathan Culler

2) “The Ghostly Romance” – Lynn Pearce

3) The Woman Reader, 1837-1914 (“Intro” & “Theory & Women’s Reading”) – Kate Flint

4) “‘Taking the Gold out of Egypt’: The Art of Reading as a Woman” – Susan Schibanoff

5) “Women Reading, Reading Woman” – Jacqueline Pearson

6) “Problems of Textuality, History & Ideology” – Leslie Rabine

7) “The Lady Vanishes” – Sheila Fisher

8) “Letters of Love” & “Reading Medieval Women Reading Devotional Literature” – Anne Clark Bartlett

9) “An Intro to Reader-Response Criticism” – Jane P. Tompkins

10) Gendering the Reader (“Intro,” “Reading as/like a Feminist” & “Concl”) – Sara Mills

11) Feminist Stylistics (“Intro” & “Gender & Reading”) – Sara Mills

12) Medieval Theory of Authorship – A.J. Minnis
- Introduction, Chapters 1, 2, & 5

13) Cambridge Companion to Medieval Women’s Writing
- Chapter 5 – “Between Women”
- Chapter 6 – “Women and Authorship”
- Chapter 13 – “Lyrics and Romances”

14) Gendering the Master Narrative – Mary Erler & Maryanne Kowaleski
- Intro
- Chapter 4
- Chapter 7

15) Medieval Reading – Suzanne Reynolds
- Intro
- Chapter 2
- Chapter 3

· Read Around in or Re-read Portions of:
1) Medieval Literary Theory & Criticism c.1100-c.1375 – A.J. Minnis

2) God and the Goddesses – Barbara Newman

3) Reading Families – Rebecca Krug

4) History of Sexuality – Michel Foucault

5) Paratexts – Gerard Genette

6) Rhetoric, Hermeneutics & Translation in the Middle Ages – Rita Copeland

7) The Shock of Medievalism – “Intro” – Kathleen Biddick


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous morganlf said...

wow. alot of this list will help me! I'm starting work on the dreaded prospectus soon (if exams go well in a few weeks). I totally need to read some of these books!

At 8:29 PM, Blogger Carrie K said...

That list looks formidable. Have fun!

At 10:23 AM, Blogger medieval woman said...

I'm glad the list might help your prospectus, Morgan - I definitely have my work cut out for me!

Stay tuned...

At 4:20 PM, Anonymous New Kid on the Hallway said...

Ooh, lots of cool things on that list! The vast majority of which I know of but haven't read, I should say from the start. I love Gendering the Master Narrative.


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