Saturday, June 03, 2006

a quickie... I pack up my new flip flops and my trusty, "not so cool but highly functional" red visor for the beach.

We went out to dinner with our lovely friends, the Marinellis, last night - they are fantastic and we miss them very much. They got us t-shirts that say "Trust me - I'm a Doctor" on them for a graduation present! So hilarious - we're bringing them on vacation...

And I revealed to them that I have a blog - they're the only friends I've told about it - even my parents don't know. I'm not sure why I've not told anyone but the Dutchman (and I didn't tell him right away) - I think it's because I enjoy the pseudonymity (Mike, that one's for you!). Or maybe I was a little embarassed about it - it felt self-indulgent at first, like "why would someone want to read about me and my thoughts on...everything"? But today when I checked my sitemeter, I noticed their little digital footprints and I found that I was really happy that they came by chez bloggez moi.

So, I hope you guys like my rants and come back and read it again (as I do with the blog of the new sandbox-sporting kiddo!) and just know that the Furtijns had a great time last night. We'll see you at the crazy German's BBQ when we get back!!


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Aidan's paternal provider said...

we're so honored to have a mention on your blog! we feel famous already :) have a wonderful trip!


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