Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Random Crap

I feel so bad because I haven't blogged in an age - I'm just so exhausted from packing. Moving to another country (not even overseas) is a lot more taxing than moving no more than a couple of hours away (as my last 4 moves have been). Not only does everything have to be boxed up nicely (gone are the days of throwing those hanging clothes in the back of the car!) but, it must all be inventoried and numbered. We have to give the movers a list of all the general contents of each box.

We've been spending as much time taking box after box of stuff to Goodwill and the recycling center, so that's good. We're not totally shedding our skin, but we are slimming our worldly possessions down a bit.

So, we go to bed each night tired, grimy, and more bruised than when we woke up, but it's a satisfying feeling. Other than that, we've been eating a lot of fast food (thank god we work off those calories!) and watching bad action films with old friends. Last night's movies all featured "The Rock" - it was bone-crushing, aldrenaline rushing action to the max!! (The Scorpion King and Walking Tall). I like him almost (but not quite) as much as I like Steven Segal. But "Nathan Storm" will always be the only cheesy action hero for me...


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