Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Furniture = Imminent!

We will have furniture in less than an hour - the Dutchman is at the customs office filling out paperwork as we speak! I'm herding the cats into the newly-designated "cat room" that the movers aren't allowed into (we'll move our stuff into there once the doors are safely closed).

My bum eagerly awaits the feeling of a real, live cushion! After TWO WEEKS the only cushion I've sat on is at our local movie theater (seeing a rather disappointing Pirates of the Caribbean II).

Update soon - as well as the completely ridiculous and terrifying story of "how we finally got our furniture, kiddies". It includes tears, fruitless intimidation, and finally a "guy named Ray".

In other news, there's a chubby little dove the size of a small Volkswagen sitting on the roof of our garage out back. The furballs stare with a mixture of fear and awe...


At 5:48 PM, Blogger KLee said...

Finally! You actually did, once upon a time, have *stuff*! And here's tangible proof!

Glad to hear that it's finally there, and hope all went well.


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