Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Have you ever noticed...

1. That when you're in between health/dental insurance coverage (as we are now) you always get a toothache? I think mine might be psychosomatic, but I'm not sure. And I feel like I should swathe myself and the Dutchman in bubble wrap every time we leave the place lest we trip and break a tooth, leg, etc. I have dream-gremlins at night that say "shoulda gotten the Cobra, shoulda gotten the Cobra..."

2. How much a place echoes when you have no furniture and hardwood floors? The cats flee from me (that sometime did me seek) when I flip-flop across the floor because I sound like the giant in Jack's beanstalk. Fee-fie-foe-fum....!

3. How when you haven't moisturized in a while and you slap some Jergen's on - your skin actually makes a big "SLUUUUUUURP" sound?

Sorry about the random last point - we continue to be furnitureless after a week and it's taking its toll on us. I'm going to end up walking around the house like a crazed lunatic if we don't have something to sit/eat/sleep/walk on soon. Like that lady in the "Yellow Wallpaper" creeping around the room making red "smooches" on the wall - that's Medieval Woman by this weekend, folks! It's a nine hour drive and it takes 10 days to get our furniture.

But, I will let this lie for a while - we must go out and get quotes on renter's insurance.

I did have one question for my medieval bloggy friends: is anyone going to the New Chaucer Society conference in NYC at the end of July?? If so, does anyone want to meet up for a drink/meal/chat??

I promise - more posts of substance soon - congrats to all the folks out there who have completed successful moves!!


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous morganlf said...

Hey there...glad to hear the new place is nice even though it needs furniture. I posted a response to your turbulence question in my blog -- it's nice to know that others have the same problem as I do with flying.

I know that a few people on the mediveal studies livejournal community have talked about getting together at the New Chaucer conference. Have fun!

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous morganlf said...

obviously i can spell medieval.... bah.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger Dr. Virago said...

Alas, I will not be at NCS. But here's to more blogger meet-ups in general!

At 1:41 PM, Blogger HeoCwaeth said...

Congratulations on your new, yet slightly echoing apartment. I'm sure you'll have your stuff soon. True story: when I first moved to Microburg, I bought a lovely sofa at a local store. The sofa then had to be shipped to me from the back of beyond, because the store here doesn't carry furniture that you can actually buy and bring home. I got a phone call from the delivery company every day at 9 am, informing me that my sofa would be there that day. And during every phone call the guy estimated the weight of the sofa at 50lbs heavier than the day before. 5 days after the delivery date, and 250 estimated lbs later, my sofa finally came. And yes, I did eventually ask the delivery man what he had been feeding my poor, captive sofa.


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