Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random Bullets

- Panic has passed...sort of. I'm just basically plopping myself down and reading everyday. Keep pulling at the plow, as my friend J would say (she digs Piers Plowman).

- The Dutchman brought waffles into my office today for breakfast. Sweet...

- I'm getting my highlights done today, which will perk me up.

- We're going to start going to the University's gym, which has a special cardio room with like 30 elliptical machines (plus treadmills, bikes, stairmasters, etc.). It's like Mecca for a Medieval Woman who hasn't worked out in a geological age.

I'm used to having to kick one of the undergrads off one of the 2 ellipticals that our grad school gym had. Try telling a 19 year old little girl wearing butt-floss (yes, a thong leotard) and tights that she's been on for 45 minutes and the limit is 30. She's like, "Um, I'm right in the middle of my work out and I have tons of reading (i.e., rag-mag) to do...wait, aren't you my Shakespeare TA??" At that point, I get either very self-conscious that one of my students is seeing me in my work-out clothes and I scurry away OR I can choose to pelt her with ding-dongs and start talking about how carbs can be absorbed through the skin. Then she feels "icky" and leaves.

But those days are over with 30 machines to choose from!!!



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