Monday, August 07, 2006

Full of Hot Air

The balloons, not me! At least not at the moment...

These are a few pictures from the "mass ascension" at our local (and highly Canadian) balloon festival last night. It was a gorgeous, cool-ish night and there were popsicles. Children were having a wonderful time and everyone clapped every time a balloon took off. This is just one of the many reasons why we love our new home!

In other random news - the Dutchman worked his "full-time prof" mojo and got a library carrel for "himself" (i.e., me). This means that I have my own work space on campus! It's a tiny little room of my own with a desk, a couple of bookshelves, a lock on the door, and a window that opens. It's not quite an anchoritic cell (I don't see me taking communion or handouts through the window), but I can leave books there - bring my laptop up and leave it there when I go to the bathroom - it's great. I love the office I have in our apartment (one of the 2 bedrooms has been designated as mine since the Dutchman has a sweet office on campus), but a change of scenery will be nice and, I feel, potentially more productive.

Okay - I'm going to attempt to head back to the trenches, but it's rough going. I'm just not able to get on a roll. And I'm in that weird spot where I have several different "sections" of stuff to write (I'm revising a diss chapter into an article that will represent the "tip o' the iceberg" of what my book will be about) and I'm vacillating between reading more (hell, there's always more reading to do!), reviewing notes, or just writing. I've never been as comfy with free writing - I work best from a very hard core and detailed outline. But, I feel like an article is just a mini-version of what I'm going to be working out in much more detail in my book. I need to take a couple of pages to discuss how I'm theorizing/re-reading cultural phenomenon X and then dive into the text, the meat of which is already written.

I'll go refill my Coke Zero and pick up my hammer and chisel again to see what shakes loose!



At 7:29 PM, Blogger Pilgrim/Heretic said...

I read the last bit of the second-to-last paragraph as "the meat of which is already eaten," and thought you were back to the corned-beef sandwich. :)

Love the Canadian-flag balloon!

At 12:13 AM, Blogger medieval woman said...

Oh God - if only a chapter were as easy to complete as a corned beef sandwich! With yummy catalina dressing.... :)

Everyone always eats and drinks so well at your place!


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