Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Moaning Molar

I have to go to the dentist. I've been avoiding it way too long and now I fear bad news (some sensitivity has cropped up). I'm so good about doing all other health-related check-ups and stuff on time - but I don't give my teeth the attention they deserve, and now they're coming back to bite me on the bum (pardon the pun...).

The last new dentist I went to told me that I had 13 cavities - I knew this was bunk and so I flew all the way home to my old dentist (who I've seen for years) and he looked at the x-rays and said, "I honestly have absolutely no idea what this guy was talking about unless he wanted to replace all of your old fillings!" Now, I've never had teeth o'steel (although they are nice and straight thanks to braces) - I usually have 1 cavity or so a year - but that experience traumatized me a bit. It's such a racket. It's like being stuck having to take the mechanic's word for it that you need a new engine and transmission and whatnot (or your car will explode) - except it's your mouth! (I.e., all your teeth will fall out tomorrow and you'll only be eating creamed corn for the rest of your days...)

So, we got a recommendation from our great landlord who lives next door - the dental group's offices are only a block and a half away (so that I can walk back home with one half of my face paralyzed and drool coming out of my mouth). Here's hoping that they don't want to completely remodel my teeth - although a scare is probably what I need to make me a totally dedicated flosser...



At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Laustic said...

Ugh. I will be pullin -er-thinking of you. It's probably worth the visit even if you're having some sensitivity. They say that oral health helps your heart, mind, etc.

Maybe after your appointment I'll cobble together a blog about my two traumatic meetings with the dentist in July.

At 10:28 PM, Blogger KLee said...

Oy! 13 teeth? Thay HAVE to be wrong on that score. I hope that it's not nearly as drastic as the other dentist claims.

At least this one will be within walking distance! Good luck, and I'll send a no-pain prayer your way!

At 11:12 PM, Blogger molly said...

The two things I hate most in the world are grocery shopping and going to the dentist. Recently I found a dentist's office that I love, and don't mind so much going there, even though every time I go there's work to be done. You have my sympathy and support. Good luck, may the tooth fairy be with you.


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