Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eye Candy - So Good It's Bad...

This afternoon I'm in the kitchen and I heard this voice saying, "Hi there! Hey kitty-kitty-kitty!" I heard the furballs chirping in the window. I stick my head into the dining room and on the other side of the fence, in our neighbors' backyard, there is a drop-dead-gorgeous man in jeans and a toolbelt talking to the cats who are sitting in the window looking at him with interest. I come over to the window and he waves at me and says "I love cats! I have 3 of my own!" and then he precedes to go and work on our neighbors deck. Yep - he's the "Hot Carpenter" - and when I say gorgeous I mean "holy cow no one should look that good outside of a magazine" gorgeous. And he loves cats and he has green eyes and he can work with wood.

I am a happily married Medieval Woman, but this caliber of eye candy has made me nonchalantly move my work into the dining room this afternoon. Once in a while I hear him cooing at the cats, who chirp back at him, and then he laughs. Quite intoxicating. He asked me what I was working on (I had to sit on the side of the table that's closest to the window because it has the best light) and I said "my book" and he laughs and says "Wow! That's amazing! I'll have to read it sometime..." - so he thinks I'm smart and amazing and funny.

So now basically the 3 of us are sitting in the window watching the show...but I'm the only one drooling like a pathetic basset hound...



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