Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Brief R.B.O.C.

Thank you all very much for your birthday wishes! I had a lovely, very chill day - I made a huge feast for us that night and we drank lots and lots of wine (Medieval Pop had given us a bottle of Silver Oak - my very favorite - a few months ago, so we had that in addition to a couple of others) - we stayed up 'til the wee hours drinking and talking about life, the world's problems, gender issues, war - you name it, we discussed it! On Saturday, I was really hungover - I don't ever drink that much - pop and I were hurting a bit for most of the day - the Dutchman, of course, was fine.

It was a nice weekend and it was just the right amount of time - my dad can be a lot to take in and if he hadn't left this afternoon, it would have started grating on all our nerves.

The house is blissfully quiet right now - I can web-surf a bit and watch some TV before leftovers tonight. For my birthday, the Dutchman is getting me something "sparkly" - I'm not sure if I've ever confessed it here, but I am a total jewelry fiend. The more the better. We're going to have an amethyst ring made (not as expensive or involved as it sounds! A nice emerald cut, 2-carat stone is around $60) and I can't wait - my mom is sending me some of my aunt's amethyst earrings and a pendant that she's had for years. I wear a fair amount of purple, especially when I dress up, so I'm rubbing my hands together in anticipation like Scrooge McDuck...

We just put the down comforter on the bed this afternoon and I can't wait to cuddle up in that tonight and go to sleep.

I'm cooking up a post about lecturing, but I'm not capable of doing much this evening, so it will have to wait!



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