Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The End of Avoidance

So, that title might be a little optimistic. After all, I can always find ways to avoid doing what I really need to be doing. But my completely healthy guilt complex has kicked into overdrive, so I will now spend the next week or so cutting down and building up my big conference paper, which I will deliver in a month. Fortunately, one of my colleagues has offered to get a few people together for an informal dry run of the talk in a couple of weeks. This will make me feel much better about it, since it's material that I haven't done much with for about 6-7 months.

In other news, I finally dropped off my course packets (one medium sized and one colossal) at the printers, so the classes are all well in hand. I will have many, many students next semester, but 2 TAs, which is nice.

The job market continues to swim along at a healthy pace, so that's encouraging.

Ho-hum. Nothing much else to report - this blog post isn't proving to be much of an avoidance either, dammit!

Hope all is well, bloglets!



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