Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Feeling Wistful

I must admit, I'm a tad melancholy reading around on almost everyone's blog about their Thanksgiving plans. Funny that I didn't realize that this particular American holiday had even a modicum of emotional attachment for me. Everyone's classes are out for the week by now - my dad is helping make loaves of pumpkin bread for the over 20 people who are coming to his and PG's house for supper tomorrow. Mom is on a jet plane heading down to Tallahasee to see her good friend for Thanksgiving. My friend J is shopping all day today to prepare dinner for her boyfriend and his parents.

We are going over to a couple's house from the Dutchman's department - they are Americans as well and her parents are coming in from Minnesota for T-giving. They were so nice to invite us (she coyly asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving, if anything) - I think they feel like they want to take us in as refugees (in the nicest possible way). So, I do get to make green bean casserole (hopefully I can find the french fried onion thingys!) and go eat a big turkey.

I think the thing that's making me wistful is that, back in the U.S., school is out and people are wending their way to the houses of various family and friends. Here, school in still in and tomorrow isn't special at all (though it was special early in October and we didn't do anything for it!). It's more that I'm thinking about what my people south of the border are doing and wishing I could be a part of it. When we were living in Grad School City and even SLAC town, and when we didn't go see my family, we *always* had Thanksgiving with our next door neighbors: the Crazy German and Daddy-C. She would invite a total hodge-podge of highly weird people (almost all of whom had some strange food allergy) and make tons of food and it was awesome. It felt like family. And I miss them terribly. I hope that we can form a circle of friends/family like that again one day....



At 2:38 PM, Blogger Hilaire said...

I'm sorry - it's hard to feel rootless, isn't it. I'm glad you are having Thansgiving with new friends, though - and perhaps this will be the beginning of a new tradition.


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