Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

This turkey looks pissed - and can you blame him? But hey, I'm in it for the carbs (potatoes, stuffing, the little fried onion thingys on the green bean casserole...).

So, in the midst of thinking about what we're thankful for, the Dutchman and I are cleaning our dirty abode - and I'm thankful for that!

We're also thankful for each other (aw!) and that Daniel Craig made one helluva fantastic (and I must say completely gorgeous) James Bond. The new movie rocks. Completely. Drop what you're doing and go see it immediately. We are also thankful that the sun is shining and we can go for a bike ride.

I'm too tired from vacuuming to list my other thankful things - but I'm happy that I have such lovely blogfriends!

Have a great day - turkey or no turkey...



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