Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What Day Is It??

Some days go so slow and others fly by like lightning...the past few days have flown by! I have found out that:

1) My proposal for colleague's essay collection is a go, so that's awesome! I ended up finding a topic that interests me and working something up over the weekend.

2) I'm teaching a second section of one of the courses I'm already teaching next semester. With a few strategic booklist substitutions (I'm taking over for someone else who can't teach the section) it will be an identical prep and I'll still be teaching only 2 days a week. A long two days a week! But it's a nice extra chunk of change even if it's more grading and time in the classroom...but I'll have TAs for both classes, fortunately!

3) My stupid tooth saga continues - I won't give details, but I'm on antibiotics for a week and I'm feeling a bit off.

4) We received our ginormous 2-box Sinterklaas package from the Dutchman's father today - for my Dutch readers (I see that there are a couple - thanks for coming by!), you all know the wonderful things this entails! We got 24 chocolate letters in various flavors (melk met hazelnoot is my favorite) and sizes. Plus the dropjes, the stroopwaffles, etc. I might go into a sugar coma soon, but I will die happy...

5) Tomorrow I will begin in earnest working on cutting down my big December conference paper - fun times.

6) The job market is going well - I'm pleased! (*knocks vehemently on wood*)



At 5:51 PM, Blogger Flavia said...

Hooray for the essay collection and the job market--and, almost equally, for the stroopwaffles! (I discovered those when I was in the Netherlands last year for a conference, and was ecstatic when I came across a tiny Dutch goods store here in New City that sells them, too.)

That's an awful lot of good news in just a few days. How awesome.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger medieval woman said...

Thanks, Flavia! It has been a good few days...and I'm glad that another non-Nederlander appreciates that special Dutch delicacy. I allow myself one a day and I nibble it all the way around to make it last.

We'll see how long that tactic works!


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