Sunday, December 03, 2006

Adventures in Holiday Consumerism

Yesterday the Dutchman and I spent the entire day at various major stores, the mall, Best Buy, etc. It was truly an aerobic exercise. My parents are extremely hard to buy for (like everyone's parents, I'm sure). My dad usually wants fly-fishing or hiking gear, which means I end up buying him these little alien gadgets from Cabela's (after he's given me all the item numbers) or just getting him a gift certificate. This year I bought him several jazz CDs, so he should be happy. My mom always says, "just get me socks! Save your money!" It's always socks - she continually protests that she needs the socks and that it's what she really wants. A couple of years ago, I put a moritorium on the sock request ("Whaddya want for Christmas, no socks"). Now she's said that she wants winter pjs and a 1 gig flash drive. So, we went out and scoured the stores for cuddly pjs and a flash drive. But today she calls and says, "have you guys gotten the flash drive yet? Well, if you haven't then don't bother because Circuit City has a 1 gig flash drive on sale for $19.95! If you have, then return it. I'm going to go grab one before I head home." I said that yes, we'd gotten it and that we had indeed paid twice that much. Now, she says she wants the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice....but it's like this every year - I get a few gift suggestions out of her and then she buys half of them herself because she finds a *major sale*.

The Dutchman is no easier - once in a while I'll come up with something fantastic for him (like the entire Beatles CD collection) that will be a true surprise. But this year is not one of those years. He wants a USB headset for his computer, which seems extremely boring to me, but it's what he wants so I'll get him a Best Buy gift certificate. Again. Although I have a couple of small surprises up my sleeve...

However, this year mom is doing a great job with our gift - she prefers to buy things rather than just giving us dough (although that would be better for our credit card bill), so she's getting us a flat panel TV! Actually, we're kicking in the last fifth of the price ourselves because we wanted to get one with a slightly better picture. So, the Dutchman is walking around with a dazed expression on his face, saying, "It's a Christmas miracle..." and chuckling to himself and I'm anticipating just how awesome the Alien trilogy is going to look on that screen when we're having 80s sci-fi movie night.



At 3:58 PM, Anonymous boring morgan said...

My hubby's family wants an exact list of Christmas things I want...when I gave them said list they told me it was too boring. Hah! So what it a black fleece and yoga pants are boring -- I want them!


At 4:03 PM, Blogger medieval woman said...

Yeah - Xmas is often about giving gifts that you really want, eh? But I *know* my mom doesn't go through socks that quickly! :)

She's trying to get us to save our money, typical mom! My dad has no problem with asking for gifts!!

Hey, now I want a new fleece...


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