Monday, January 08, 2007

Back from the Trenches: Day One

Sooooo tired......I feel like I could crawl into bed and hibernate for a month. And what did I do today? I went over syllabi for two classes and make a scant few introductory comments about the classes. What a total cream puff I am!!

My classes went just fine - I was looking out over a sea of new, blank faces who did not want to be there on a snowy, cold, blustery Monday in January. I think that my body class will do well - I had about 6 fewer students there than I expected and that's just fine by me! The course reading for the class is terribly expensive (copyright stuff), so I might lose a few more. But the students who were there seemed enthusiastic and more than half of them seemed more enthusiastic when they left than when they came in. How much more success could you ask for on the first day? My next class also gloriously only had 36 in it rather than the 50 enrolled - the amount of reading will scare a few more off. Please say this is a trend!

It's not that I deliberately try to scare students off, but I'm pretty honest the first day and it tends to help weed out people who were just "shopping around" or looking for an easy class.

No more news on the job market front, which actually had me pretty down today. Until I talked to my unofficial "source" twice removed from the Dream Academy where I want a flyback. This source knows a faculty member there who was on a hiring committee for that department last year. Apparently, when they make calls for flybacks, they call everyone and keep them apprised of the status of their candidacy. Not only is this totally the humane thing to do (hence Dream Academy), but it also means that if I haven't heard anything, then they haven't called.

So, no news is good news - I can handle that!

Speaking of being a cream puff, I attempted to prove to the Dutchman just how cool his wife was in the '80s by trying to breakdance for him tonight. Now, I used to totally *rock* the cardboard box on the floor of my 5th grade cafeteria in 198-...something. I mean, really. I could do the "foot work" and the knee spin; I could moonwalk from here to Boise, Idaho and back. And no one could touch my centipede. I was lithe; I was a bendy and sproingy youth with great feathered hair and paint-splattered overalls and neon bandanas.

But that was over 20 years ago. Things have changed. I tried to demonstrate the centipede on a suitably cushy carpet and wound up flopping around on the floor like a flounder. I seriously knocked the wind out of myself and had to lay there and catch my breath for awhile. No more breakdance battles for me (and I used to win goddamit!).

I've included in this blogpost a picture from one of my favorite cheesy '80s movies: Breakin' (and its much awaited sequel: Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo). You will, of course, recognize this as the scene where Electro and the TKO Krew face off at the Radiotron. It reminds me of times gone by in my rubber band days.

Okay, off to bed...



At 9:29 AM, Blogger Hilaire said...

That all sounds great! (Minus the breakdancing hardship, of course ;)) I'm so glad the body course seems excited already - how wonderful. And I'm so glad your numbers are going to be lower than you thought! Yay!!

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Earnest English said...

Just getting back into the rhythm of things seems to take an extraordinary amount of energy. I hear ya!

You know -- I've heard that the 80s are the "new retro." They have an 80s night at the (one) decent club here and a bunch of peepers are there making fun. I can't stand it!

Break away, but don't break anything!

At 7:09 PM, Blogger huitzilin said...

Hello from a fellow job huntress. I recently discovered your blog (as well as earnest english's) and have been silently following your exploits.

You had me clutching at my belly in a fit of hilarity after envisioning the centipede's evolution to the "flouder flop." I just had to tell you.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger medieval woman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Huitzilin! My "80s fetish knows no bounds and will porbably be the end of me long before the job market is!


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