Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Be Like Mom...

Okay, so the Dutchman and I are convinced my mother planted some sort of assimilation device in the house when she came to visit for Christmas.

Why do we think this?

1. I'm freezing all the time since she left despite the fact that we have the heat set over 70 degrees and it's not really that cold outside. My mom routinely wears several layers plus a jacket inside the house when she visits.

2. The Dutchman can't sit still for even a second and just veg in front of the tube - he keeps following me around the house straightening things up. And he's kept up a running commentary during TV shows for the past couple of days ("Why is she doing that?" "What did he say?" "Why did that happen?") He claims he doesn't understand why he feels the urge to do this...

I'm going to go check underneath the furniture.



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