Sunday, January 07, 2007

Calm Before the Storm

The Dutchman can't get on an earlier flight so he's stuck in Chicago and I won't see him until tonight. I haven't really done a ton of work while he's been gone - I've basically been putting around and watching TV. All of this has compounded to make me feel a bit unprepared for the semester. But the first day of class is always handing out the syllabus, going over stuff and then letting them go, yes? That's how it's gonna be in "MedievalWomanland" at least. I have high hopes for tomorrow's morning class - I have about 25 students and I'm so jazzed to teach the course. The other classes I'm not as psyched about, but I must perservere.

Tomorrow is also one of the first days that I could hear about other flybacks - especially from the school that I totally love. No pressure, Monday! Just be yourself and everyone will like you....



At 3:30 PM, Anonymous What Now? said...

Here's hoping for a happy and fulfilling and productive and exciting Monday for you!

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Earnest English said...

Exciting! A new semester! New students. Flybacks! Lots of frantic Wiki-checking. I wish you all good things. Tell us more about your class on the female body!


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