Monday, January 22, 2007

Chicken Fried Medieval Woman

No! It's not Friday Recipe Blogging already (although I'm keenly aware of the fact that I am a week behind - I was giving a job talk at that exact moment, though...)!

No, this is how I feel! I feel physically, psychically, emotionally, and intellectually like I have been immersed in a big, cosmic Fry Daddy. I MUST stop prepping for my 9:30 Monday morning class at 3 in the morning the night before. My body can't take much more of this. I was up on campus all day today - teaching two classes and having office hours (in which I prepped for my second class). I'm going to go drink wine with a colleague tonight, but I'm also getting a jump start on class prep for Wednesday!

This is also Day One of the "Jobwatch Countdown" (even though it will be a week until I hear anything). Seriously, wouldn't it be more festive to have a "jobwatch" advent calendar this time of year? As each day progresses toward the "Day The Committee Meets To Decide Who They Will Hire" you open little doors and get progressively bigger and bigger chocolate figurines. They could mimic the stages of the tenure track (much like the medieval nightingale sings the stages of Christ's passion at each of the liturgical hours of the day? Or is this just a connection I would draw because I'm weird?):
1) a fresh-faced first year prof, heady with the whiff of a contract and dental insurance in the wind...
2) a slightly jaded 3rd year prof prepping for mid-tenure track review; becoming more selective about committee work; contemplating slipping $100 bills into the book prospectus as it goes out to yet another press.
3) a haggard, trembling 5th year prof curled up in the fetal position holding its tenure file clutched in one hand, while sucking the thumb of the other in a desperate attempt to return to the comfort of the womb.
4) FINALLY THE PAY-OFF: instead of a baby Jesus behind the last door, you will find a fat, Buddha-like, tenured professor figurine of solid chocolate (with hazelnut pieces)!

Okay - I have to go drink now....



At 9:23 PM, Blogger jb said...

Welcome back! I'll be wishing you luck as the days click by. And I'd totally buy one of those advent calendars--maybe that could be a lucrative side career? I can see your booth at the MLA book fair now....

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Earnest English said...

I think serious chocolate and serious drinking is in order. I love the advent calendar! Love it!


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