Saturday, February 24, 2007

Random Bits O'Crap

Today was a lazy Saturday - we went shopping for ski pants and I bought some that officially make me look like the Michelin Man, so I guess that's good. We're going skiing for a couple of days on Monday and it's only the second time I've been in my life. The last time was in Lake Tahoe when I was 14 and I got so badly burned that my eyelids blistered! So, I'll be slapping on the SPF 120 and sporting my new ski pants on the bunny slope. There is hot chocolate at the end of this, right? And a jacuzzi??

We also just Skyped with two of our dear friends in Grad School City and it made me miss them SO much! They have two great kiddos and we really miss hanging out with them.

Not much else of interest is going on at Chez Bloggez Moi - but I have a question to send out to the blogosphere: we are planning a 2-week trip to Italy in late May and early June - for one week we're renting a house with several friends just outside of Florence, so we will get to travel all around Tuscany during that time. BUT, as we'll likely be flying in and out of Milan (it's cheaper than flying into Rome!), the Dutchman and I were thinking about spending our second week in Lombardy in the lake district (Como, Maggiore, and another one that I can't remember the name of). Does anyone have any recommendations on one of the lakes over another, hotels, etc. in that district? I think we'll probably shy away from Lake Como, it seems like it might be a bit more crowded and touristy - George Clooney has a house there.

I'll keep everyone posted on where we decide to go, but recommendations are very welcome!



At 11:06 AM, Blogger American Girl said...

A holiday in the Italian lake district! How wicked awesome. I have no advice, having been only the major cities (and some smaller towns, Assisi, Bologna and Salerno are beautiful).


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