Thursday, February 22, 2007

State of the Medieval Woman Union Post

Okay - now that the flurry of midterms are over (and 2/3 of the tests are happily ensconced with my TAs) I can take a breather and take stock. I still have to deal with a couple of errant students who were "too sick" to take the midterm and "needed to reschedule it for a more convenient time". I had to give them a bit of tough love and say that I was pretty darn sure that I was the one who scheduled the exams and that I wouldn't be offering make-up midterms (as it says in the syllabus) - I've already composed three midterms and I'm not doing another two of them. So, I told them that if they would provide me with official documentation out the wazoo from both a medical professional AND the appropriate person in the school's administration, that I would consider re-weighting the final exam.

But ya know what? Most of my students came to class, took the exam, freaked out at various levels, handed it in and wished me a good Spring Break - you can't really ask for more than that! (Although a standing ovation at the end of the midterm is still a not-so-secret fantasy of mine...).

Enough about midterms! They're already in the rear-view mirror - and I'm moving forward. I am now officially on Spring Break, which means absolutely nothing because we're not really going anywhere (although we are going skiing on Monday and Tuesday). But I have all kinds of things to get done.

What I'm ultimately realizing though is that I've been surprisingly getting my shit done already. I finished the book I'm teaching in 2 of my classes after break. I can do the reading for the other class today, which means that - aside from typing up lecture notes - my teaching's taken care of for the next 2 weeks. I need to read a book and write a review of it by mid-March, but I can do that this week. So, holy cats! I'm sitting pretty!

I might even be able to start thinking about my new article project this week! (*swoon*) I just read a book review of a new book that will really be helpful to this article I'm going to be writing (that's due to the collection by the end of the summer, which means I have to write it early b/c I'll be moving and starting school at the end of the summer!). It's on a topic very different from my book project and it's not really something that I will incorporate into a larger work. It's just a discrete (and I hope interesting) article - it's been a long time since I've written anything totally new.

This has been a rambling State of the MW Union Address, but this Union is sort of rambling anyway...

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At 5:16 PM, Blogger Hilaire said...

That's wonderful - that you're so caught up that you can think about some of your own work! Have a lovely week off!!


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