Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Grinch has left the building...for now

Okay, so I do gripe about my students a lot - especially their insane love affair with using technology to chat with friends during my lectures. But as I've been grading this set of midterms, I'm actually quite pleased. Granted their spelling is atrocious, e.g., "in Judo-Christyan [sic] sexuality, virginity is put on a pedistole [sic]"... But I'm willing to overlook most of the less egregious examples in this day and age where students have been relying on spellcheck (and sometimes failing to spellcheck) since they were still in the womb. One has to choose their battles and I'm not going to count off big time when a student doesn't spell everything correctly in a hand-written exam (in a paper is a different story!). But what I'm looking for is evidence that they've read and synthesized the material and that they've been drawing a lot from the powerpoint presentations that are a big part of the class - and one that they can't fully understand unless they show up for the class and listen to my lecture on the slides.

But, as I said, I'm very pleased! The students for the most part are really demonstrating that they know the material and that they can draw the broader connections between seemingly unconnected readings. A couple of them have full-on aced this exam (I'm talking 98-100%) because they simply wrote a fabulous exam and obviously did the reading and studied for it! I love it when it's that easy...

And one of my favorite students - one who is dedicated, contributes to class discussion, theoretically savvy, and seems to be getting a lot out of this course - just emailed to tell me what she's writing her next paper on and it's completely cool. She's really learning!! I shouldn't be so giddy about this, because aren't all the students supposed to be learning? And then I wake up from that Pollyanna fantasy and realize if I can get 5 out of 27 to truly dig the material and learn a lot from it, I'll consider my time well spent - because, hell, even I'm learning from this course!



At 3:25 PM, Anonymous What Now? said...

Ooh, cause for celebration indeed! And 5 out of 27 is definitely a good statistic (sad but true) -- enjoy your success!


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